• General enquiries
Eva is our secretary, you can contact her with any general questions! She is also representing Consent Matters in project SAFE, a collaboration to increase the public safety in Maastricht.
Eva de Haan


E-mail: Eva@consentmatters.nl
  • Enquiries about workshops
Leonie is responsible for the content and facilitation of our workshops. If you have any questions regarding workshops, contact her! You can also connect with her regarding all Consent Matters Maastricht related topics.
Leonie der Kinderen

Workshops facilitator & Coördinator Maastricht

E-mail: Leonie@consentmatters.nl

Phone: +31 622 328 501
  • Specific questions?
Felicitates manages our public relations and is building a community around consent in Maastricht.
If you would like to be a volunteer in Maastricht, send her a message!
Felicitas Lenz

Community manager & Volunteer coördinator Maastricht

E-mail: Felicitas@consentmatters.nl

Phone: +31 630 129 100
Sophie is currently doing her masters in Utrecht and is investigating how consent matters can be of benefit to the Utrecht community. Are you from Utrecht and have questions or want to see how you can help? Sophie is your designated human!
Sophie Silverstein

Coördinator Utrecht

E-mail: Utrecht@consentmatters.nl

Janna is our treasurer and she is involved enjoys connecting to initiatives and organisations with a vision similar to that of consent matters. She is currently located in Amsterdam.
Janna Willems

Treasurer & Public relations

E-mail: Janna@consentmatters.nl